Questions about PDR PRICE GUIDES

How does the ordering process work?

Step 1: Choose a Package – Click “Buy This” to ORDER ONLINE

Step 2: Pay online. Immediately after paying, you should be redirected to the form to upload your logo along with any instructions for customizing your new guides.

Step 3: A first proof will follow usually within 3-4 days if you uploaded your logo and details (such as a phone number). Production is normally 3 days and shipping is about 3 days.

IMPORTANT: If at any point you are not sure you added your info & logo after purchase, or that the system seemed to have skipped that part, PLEASE SEND your logo art and details to: or you may also just visit the form below to send your info:

Special note: If you’re ordering just the PDF version ($125) your FINAL PROOF / DIY PDF is delivered via email, and can be used to print double sided price guides of your own, anytime.
Also: If you’re ordering 250 or 500 copies of the PVC Compact Guides, they require about 20 extra business days to complete. I am still looking for a way to reduce the production time, but currently that is the best speed vs. value that I can find.

How to I print these guides?

First, you probably have to download it to your PC or MAC and/or open it in Adobe Acrobat.

Just print double sided, and trim close to the final size of: 8″ x 4.5″ wide, or that may vary if you choose a wider option with reflection lines for example. The best method of trimming is if you hold it up to the light and find the edges that are of the minimum overlap. That way you have both sides without leaving any white borders or extra margin. If you print it on one side using an inkjet, just flip over and it’ll be centered. (depending on the printer, you may have to try it a few times to get the orientation correct)

If you need an Acrobat Reader it’s FREE to download here.

What about changes to my PDF?

Changes are FREE with every order! Get changes anytime on your order for 1 whole year — Included!

Do you ship internationally?

We do have quite a number of overseas techs, and the preference is to email a PDF that can be printed or produced locally. That is the least expensive option. However, we do ship overseas on occasion when requested to do so. (non-US CONT / International rate starts at $16 and goes up depending on destination). It’s not a problem! We will send you a special custom link to pay online.

If you need to get extra laminated copies created and sent out the cost is as follows: (2 qty minimum + flat $7 to ship).
As a returning customer it is our goal is to make it as simple and easy as it can be to re-order. If you want the same thing with no changes you can simply contact me below via text or messenger.

sms:(916) 792-6195


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2-6 2-5 days $10 ea / $12 ea w/mag
7-12 5-7 days $8 ea / $10 ea w/mag
> 12 Depends Call Me