Arrive & Drive Karts

Please Note: Reservations Are Always Required!

In all cases, reservations are needed ahead of time for any arrive and drive event.

On Demand Karting Events:

We are excited to announce that we now provide on-demand kart rental programs in and around the Bay Area.  We require a minimum of 12 guests as well as the right size space or parking lot safe and large enough to build a temporary track.  We do this by using cones, barriers, and chalk lines.  Let us bring the go-karts to you for a day of unlimited fun.  Please call now to inquire about our new service!

Rental Program:

Spend an adrenaline filled day at the track with the best go karts the Bay Area has to offer!  Whether you are getting in a go kart for the first time or have previous driving experience, RWR provides race go karts for all ages and experience levels. Our goal is to provide the best karting experience by providing professional driver instruction that teach you to shave seconds off your lap time by learning how to drive fast like the professionals.  We cater to all group events that include: corporate team building, holiday parties, bachelor parties, birthday parties, and all other annual celebrations.

$495 / Day

Cadet Kart (45+ mph, 7+ years old)

$595 / Day

Rotax Kart / L206 (65+ mph, 12+ years old)

$795 / Day

Shifter Kart (85+ mph, 16+ years old)

** In order to schedule a arrive and drive karting, please call a minimum of 48 hours in advance **